Great big happy news!

Some of you may have seen my GF delivery yesterday was thwarted by a mattress! Yes, an actual mattress was delivered with a re-printed GF shipping label showed up at my house at 11:30 am. (Supposedly my GF shipping label was damaged and they fixed it…supposedly)

Last night the UPS driver stopped back by to pick up said mattress and drop off “another big box”…

I walk outside and there is my GF, complete with an undamaged shipping label.

It was a crazy day of calling UPS and emailing with support. The wildest part is that after the mattress showed up, the tracking for the actual GF showed as delivered, which was worrisome.

As I was setting up the GF in his permanent home, I got a tracking number from support for my replacement GF! I couldn’t believe they handled the issue that fast. Though, I reluctantly replied to @semhar and let her know I had indeed received my GF after the driver had cleared the truck of all the boxes that were impeding his ability to access the GF.

Long post, great resolution, awesome night of printing.

Bottom line, GF support really stepped up and never batted an eye at shipping me a replacement GF. Thanks Semhar!


I am glad for you and I’m also glad that this removes some of the reason to suspect a spate of Glowforge thefts. I can go back to believing it’s merely incompetence, made worse by the holiday shipping season.


I think the mattress is yours.
Does it fall in the “Unsolicited Merchandise” category?


The wife and I were joking about that last night. If we wouldn’t have called anyone or done anything, the GF would have still showed up last night and we would have been selling a mattress on eBay.

Hindsight is always 20/20.


Hush. Someone wanted that mattress as badly as you wanted a glowforge.
Hard to tell when people are joking in these formats. Cannot see if grinning or showing a hard stare. ( so glad you mentioned it)


Well, the person who got the Glowforge would be getting a brick. The Mattress is much more comfy than that. UPS is on the hook for the mistake. What better lessons than mistakes?
With the overall mishandling of deliveries of the Glowforges and everything else, I don’t have much sympathy for them. They have already screwed up delivery for some equipment this week for me.


I tried googling an image of someone sleeping on a Glowforge, but didn’t have any luck.


The mattress was coming from a Chinese manufacturer to Amazon for what I assume is a FBA shipment.

I also am an FBA seller and know that Amazon will pay the seller if the item lost or damaged.

Just looked at the return tracking and it’s going to Flex! Haha

Someone is getting a new mattress one way or another.


Now what are you supposed to sleep on?

“The glowforge”, says cats everywhere.


That is a relief! Congrats on getting your Glowforge! :smile:

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