Great Material to Cut at Home Depot

You might want to try the Eucalyptus board from home depot. It’s white on one side and only $10.38 for a 4 by 4 sheet 1/8". It takes acrylic markers great! I used the medium draft board setting, and it cut fantastically. It worked well for the earring stands, valentines, and other items. No masking but wipe with an alcohol wipe, and the dirt goes away. My home depot cut 16 pieces at no charge.


Got a picture of the material?

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Thanks for the heads up!

I got some of their GLOWFORGE ready boards a week ago. I got the email saying they had arrived at the store 1.5 hours AFTER i had just been at the store. Sheesh…


Here it’s $12.18 for a 4X8 sheet

don’t try to make sense of pricing in different places. my parents live in florida within miles of where the bananas come to the US. yet they are cheaper up here in KY then they can get them. Drives my dad nuts every time we walk past bananas for sale :slight_smile:



$10.16 in the Bay Area of CA (of course it’s also not available within 100 miles of there so…)


I am seeing it for $12.18 here.

I still have oak and maple mdf core from menard’s and some of the blackboard/whiteboard from HD to run through first.

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that’s it

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It’s listed as $9.96 where I am (east of Los Angeles) but it doesn’t appear to actually be available at any stores in southern California either. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Plenty here in Indiana. We have well over 100 available around the Indianapolis area.

Nice find! The other thicker black and white board gave me problems cutting.

I stood there the first time I cut it and watched it because I was sure it would dissolve into flames or something. I was amazed when it successfully cut!


I’m always surprised when things go right cause I’ve made more than a few mistakes and ended up with a pile of unconnected charred pieces.

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I use it quite a bit. It is a good material for a lot of projects.


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