Green Button

Just got a new refurb machine after my machine died, and then another refurb died within 2 months. Now trying to set up machine #3 and it won’t hook up to wifi. The support told me to do a hard reset and now I’m stuck on a green light. It is broadcasting it’s own wifi signal, but still won’t connect to anything.
Has connected twice for long enough to get a picture, but then disconnects very quickly. So it has gotten wifi connection twice, but it won’t last longer than 2 seconds. Need immediate help and the support email has run out of ideas it seems…

Just a thought, you might try connecting to a hotspot on your phone. That might eliminate or confirm a problem with the machine or point to another local issue.


No luck on hotspot either…

On my phone, the choice to enable personal hot spot is in the bottom section of the screen. Maybe you could try it, or maybe use your husband’s phone.


I was having trouble that I could connect to the computer but not get to its own Wifi. I was using a brand new computer so I hooked up the older one and was able to get it to work and tie to the Web jumping away from the new one. That may have been some weirdness with the new computer but after that, I have not had an issue.

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