Green glass acrylic coordinates bar

Made this for my boss who used to ride subs for the Navy
He’s not very squishy, so we figured this was a nice compromise between personalised gift and all business :slight_smile:

Pros: the acrylic is super clear
Cons: acrylic loves static so I totes trapped a few particles under there that are easily seen :-/

Green glass acrylic reverse engraved over black felt, inserted into a purchased frame

Proofgrade SD engrave and cut, and used @darkdesign’s settings for the 1mm felt

You can see the lines in the engrave with the naked eye, but they’re pretty darn subtle!


Nice sign. Very classy. You can eliminate or lessen the raster effect of the lines by slightly defusing the beam with the manual option.


Turned out great.


I was worried about losing the crisp white appearance, and honestly it makes it look even more like the crap manual typewriters the Navy has everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s perfect for your boss!

Yeah I debated about mentioning it since I figured you would have thought of that. I’m doing edge lit stuff Where the light obviates any surface texture. the physical surface finish of the focused engrave is different and crisper.


Very classy and strict looking!

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Nice looking piece.

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Oooooo, very elegant! I really like it. And I like your use of “squishy.”


Wow, the acrylic over felt has come out really clear. I’ve got an acre of denim here, I might try a sample on that.

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I really feel like the green grass stuff is clearer than standard acrylic - I haven’t tested but I don’t remember having that I can see everything with the other stuff

I really like green glass, I think it has a lovely look, so much better than clear acrylic. Probably my favourite material