Grid for my crumb tray

I would like to know is there away to paint the crumb tray? if so what type of paint is safe ? I would like to paint 1 Inch grid on my tray to guild me with placement of projects and sizes
. it can also help me with place Pieces more strait.

I am not sure about specific paint, but anything laser safe would be ok. This post might be of some interest to you. Reinsertable Grid: File and Tutorial

There are also other grids and methods being used. Search the forum for many additional, helpful hints.


I have done a few tutorials on gridding your glowforge.

This one might be of interest with you because it points out something that you might be overlooking, which is that if you are doing proper cleaning of your machine, the grid you put on the glowforge will likely wipe away. That is why I have the glowforge make a jig of a grid so I can just apply the grid sections I need and re draw them if they wipe away as opposed to drawing the whole grid. Grid on the bed of the glowforge

As for this, there are 3D printed parts that snap into your crumb try grooves and are a straight edge.


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