Grinding and crooked arm on new machine

Hello. So I have had no luck with Glowforge. I bought one in May and am now on warranty replacement #3. Which is already having issues. But I just bought another brand new one that I was donating to a young woman who was is a women’s shelter. It was her dream to get one and start a little business. I brought her the donation and went to set it up for her. Well now this one didn’t work either. It’s making terrible noises and the arm jumps and goes crooked. I checked all wheels and belts and I see nothing obvious. So disappointing as I was trying to do something nice. I tried many things but couldn’t fugure it out. Drive home the 2.5 hours with the machine and waiting to hear from support… again.

Here is a link that shows what’s she going on

There are instructions on the Support page for squaring a gantry:

Fingers crossed it’s just that simple!

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I’m terribly sorry to hear about your experience with this unit. I’ve just followed up to your email.

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