Grinding noise at the start/end of each cut

:frowning: 've had this noise that started to come from the GF at the start/end of each cut. It only happens as the start/end of each cut, not throughout the process. Check the video for the noise around the 9 second mark.

I’m not sure what’s happening, but I know that the fan is working, that the hose is getting max extension out through the window (in other words, it’s not pinched anywhere which would prevent the dust from being blown out), and I’m not sure why that’s happening. Would appreciate some advice as this started happening just as I am about to ship some orders out. :frowning:

Have you inspected the exhaust fan? It may need a cleaning.


There may be a bit of masking or debris stuck on a fan blade that causes an imbalance that can be heard as the fan speeds up at the beginning of a cut and slows down at the end but which isn’t heard when the fan is at top speed.


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