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Apologies if this has been answered. I have found a lot of similar topics, but not quite what I am looking for.
I have a pendant design with text on the back of each. When I lay a bunch of them out (great scrap buster), Glowforge wants to traverse completely across the material in LONG passes doing a tiny bit on each pendant rather than engraving all text on one pendant and then moving to the next.
I know I could put each pendant’s text as a separate color in Inkscape and then sort the order I wanted them engraved in the GF interface, but that would be a lot of layers. I was wondering if there was a trick to getting it to do what I want that I am unaware of.
Thanks in advance!

The quickest way is the way the machine is doing it. It will take a lot longer if it has to complete each one before moving to the next.

Normally I would agree since it is pretty smart about calculating all of that. However when I am using this as a scrap buster and laying out pendants along the sides of material already used for larger projects, it is spending a huge amount of time just traversing over empty material with every pass. I can’t feature that it is more efficient this way.

Oh I get it. I misunderstood. If you click off the project can you go back and individually grab any of the other images and move them off the working area?

You could change the color of each one, which would treat them as separate operations, then they would be accomplished individually. Each image on the left sidebar will be accomplished from the top to the bottom sequentially. so you could drag them in the sidebar so the ones close together would be done without a lot of useless travel.

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If there are several images then each image will be engraved. If you have many vectors that are the same color they will all engrave at once. The time taken is extremely tricky based on both speed and LPI can be very extreme.

If there is a big distance between two pieces there is a long time taken going across both of them. However, the time taken might be less than doing so twice, and it will be much faster than three of them.

Engraving at very high speed will have the head moving very fast over the part engraved but it has to slow down stop and speed up so on every pass that has to happen. If there is a very short engrave it will spend far more time speeding up and slowing down. If doing several narrow engraves the time may be very long. If a very wide engrave a higher speed may take less time, while a narrow engrave starts taking a lot more time for higher speeds.

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