Guide for engraving thick objects without crumb tray

Attached is a ‘laser guide’ that helps me align objects for engraving. It’s an approach others have described, and I hope that sharing my example is helpful.

To make the guide, load the attached SVG and configure the outline to ‘cut’. This forum software does odd things to SVGs, but it should still work. It’s 10 in wide x 2 in tall (outside). If your crumb tray is a different height than mine, you might need to scale this slightly.

And a photo of it in action.


  • Crumple up tinfoil (or plasticine would work),
  • put object to engrave on top with flattest part up.
  • Press the ‘laser guide’ down until the feet touch on both ends, repeatedly across the object until it’s level.
  • Engrave with ‘material thickness’ 0.01 in.
  • Fluff up aluminum foil and repeat until all your things are engraved.

Note: this one is scaled to the height of my crumb tray exactly. If you prefer, you could make it up to 0.4 in above the crumb tray, but matching the crumb tray exactly was easiest.



I think the risers provided in another thread are more useful for thick flat objects, but for irregularly-shaped objects, this is brilliant!


At fist glance?

Why are you engraving a potato?!

No, that’s cool. Why not? Now, WHAT are you engraving on the potato?!?!?


I prefer warnings to others


My wife is a potato nut. Anyone know a good power/speed setting for potato?? at least a place to start?


I did those when I first received my Pro last August. The settings I used are in this post (towards the bottom, after the corn chips):
but iirc the settings were changed at least once since then. It may be a place to start, however, they’re potatoes: unlikely to catch fire, cheap to experiment with and engraving fidelity not a huge concern.


Thanks for the post. I’ll start experimenting tonight!!

Hey that’s nice and clever. Well done.

Wow, that looks very useful. Thanks so much!

That’s a great idea…never would have thought of foil! (I used a wad of clay to support the eggshells.)

Very clever! With the bed height established, add 0.125 to the ‘jig’, tell the machine it is looking at any medium proofgrade material, and manually manipulate the settings.
Place, push down - done!


Yeah, for slate I used a bunch of “quarter inch” plywood sheets, stacked up until the top was in the range that the GF will laser.

I should say, I’m not lasering a potato, but a rock. It sure does look like a potato, though!

Does tinfoil (aluminum foil) have any adverse effects if hit by the laser (think Disco mirror ball) ?

i’m confused. is that black u the file? I’m having trouble downloading it. Help?

Yeah, it’s an SVG. If you’re having trouble downloading it, you can recreate it pretty easily in any drawing program that can output SVG.

Right click on it and choose Save Link As.

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thanks all!

this gauge was exactly what i was looking for thank you
the dimensions of your tray should be roughly the same as mine
plus or minus a couple thou for tolerance

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Thanks for the info.