Guidelines or suggested specs on designing living hinges?

I’ve finally got to the point where i am free to start making some designs with living hinges. I wanted to figure out how much material it takes to execute the living hinge function.

Using some math, for the material being one piece of solid, flat, and to be used for the front, back, and hinge: I thought I’d figure distance of front and back times pi divided by half would equal how much width of accordianish cut to design file.

2.5 inch from front to back, times pi(for circle) divided by 2(half circle) would be about 3.927 inches wide to make the pattern, for the half circumference… right?

The material being 1/8 inch thick, suggests that the accordianish cuts would be spaced 1/8 inch apart for best flexability, right? Should the thicknees scale the width of the pattern?

If there were some guidelines or charts for designing the living hinges, it would help some of us neophytes.

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I found the following resources that might help you get started. Some cover the math, some are useful add-ons or shortcuts. I hope you find it useful!


This is useful, especially the inkscape plugin, but the main take away to say to all, is that the hinge parameters depend on the material involved. Anyone have experience with baltic birch? Lol

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