Guitar wallet modified from walnut vaneer card wallet



Last week I put this project together based on @madebynick’s great vaneer card wallet. Today’s Project: A walnut veneer card wallet

This is a birthday/graduation present for my brother so I made a few modifications

I made a few modifications.

A billfold

My brother is a guitarist, and owns the engraved guitar.

And as you can see around the edge I created a leather edge to protect the edge of the wood.

The final modification is a modification to the hinge. The existing design requires the wood grain to cross the wallet parallel to the hinge direction. I created a divide in the design such that I could separate out the grain direction of the wood from the grain direction of the hinge. In so doing I was then able to use a different wood for the hinge portion of the wallet than for the primary surface.

Let me know what you think.

Design Catalog Wallet (in cork fabric)

Sweeeeet! :sunglasses:


Great looking project, thanks for posting it. :+1:


Awesome! Welcome to the forums!


Really beautiful work. Your brother will love it.


Oooooo, good one! My husband is a guitarist as well. I’m trying to think of other guitar-related gifts that can be lasered. Maybe some picks?


One of the things that wears out quickly is the pickguard, so you can’t really paint it to make it look nice since it wears through. I was thinking I could engrave something that would stand up better though.

These guys provide pick guard templates for a bunch of models that could easily be made to work for laser cutting.


Nice find! I’ll bet you could cut those out of thin Delrin as well as wood (I assume wood is what you are thinking).


Very nice work and thanks for sharing!


Excellent work!

A wallet is definitely on my Glowforge to-do list.


same. I’ve actually been putting up with a wallet that’s falling apart because I don’t want to buy/make a new one before I get a chance to laser one.


Super nice.


Absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


Having seen this firsthand, I can vouch for it looking even more awesome in person than it does in pictures. And it looks pretty awesome in pictures.


Very cool! Nice work