Hacking CorelDraw and others to add GF plugins

On another thread @dan you mentioned that since GFHQ has standardized on. But since you’re a cloud based interface, and CorelDraw and a lot of other programs are very good with plugins, would you consider releasing either an API we can call or open source your plugins so we can use those to develop for other items until/if an official plugin becomes available.

Personal preference would be a URL with parameters for the Job such as glowforge username,glowforge ID to print to, and file format being sent, then receive back a URL to open a browser to for the standard Glowforge print to take over.


Wish it was DXF. My other lasers prefer DXF. SVG doesn’t always translate well going to/from DXF in AI or Corel. (Although both of those are a couple years old versions I have and maybe the latest versions don’t have the issues.)

Features for the feature hopper!


Support for CS4 on up is still in the hopper right? I have CS6 but a CC subscription is not feasible for many.


I am pretty sure that all the versions prior to CC used a similar plugin format, so it might be good for those of us with CS5 as well.


Here here! for support for earlier version of CS. I use CS4 and dread the day I have to upgrade to $600+/year Creative Cloud.

Same here. Bought CS6 just before it became unavailable and vowed never to pay for a CC version.

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