Had to Do It!



Y’all remember the little Narwhal that @smcgathyfay shared with us all?

Well, she made him a little buddy, and this one is even cuter, so I’ve now got two phone stands, one for the kitchen, and one for the desk.

He’s just fantastical!
(And I’m more than a little chagrined that she can knock these things out so fast, but I’m not above taking advantage of it on a hard day.)

So thank you Stephanie! He’s SQUEEEEE! :smiley::hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:

Here’s the two together, deciding where to go for coffee…

(Oh, and he cut perfectly! You nailed it!)

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Aaaaahhhh!!! The cuteness level!!! :heart:


Oh gosh! He’s darling! What a kind thing for Stephanie to do for you…she’s so talented.


That’s a pure fact! :smiley:


Oh Gracious!
That is fantastic… Really really fantastic.
Thanks for sharing… just a picture of your stuff is making my day better.
I can hardly wait for my own.
Excellent that you have a pre-release.


So great. My wife and I really enjoy these phone holders (all that have been posted previously as well).

Question, if I may… Hedgie Pic 1 and Pic 2 seem different. Are they? Here’s what I mean… There’s additional shading in Pic 2. So in his outer fur(?) in Pic 2 there’s the black outline, then a dark brown fading to a slightly lighter color. Pic one doesn’t seem to have that additional brown. As for that shading, was that part of the file or an affect of scorching?

  • Tom


Love the “SQUEEEE”. Too perfect!


The top one might have been after it was cleaned up. Thats what its supposed to look like.


They are lovely.


Absolutely adorable, and amazing how well you are able to take advantage of the various engraving shades in a single piece of wood–outstanding design!

I have to say that my eye was also drawn to that gorgeous teapot…


Identical grain pattern, so I think they must be the same object pre and post clean-up.


I love the coloring effect of the different levels of shading.


A new member of the “Squeee Squad” :sweat_smile:


Beautiful, amazing, cute! I’d hate to put my phone on the stand 'cause it’d cover up to cuteness! So fun and nicely done.


SQUEEE!! Mumford thinks she’s cute. :wink:


CUTE! and another great display of both Generosity and Creativity on the forum. I’m hoping to use a similar design as a portable Kindle stand for one of my first GF projects :smile:


Really nice use of the score/cut after an egrave to get shading on the hedgie’s fur/needles keratinacious covering.


I took one pic before I finished removing the masking…I actually like the darker shading that the smoky residue leaves behind…there are probably going to be prints down the road where I remove the masking first.


Any kerf compensation built in for the 2 pieces going together? Is it interference fit or slip fit for the two? Thanks.


I’m not sure what the difference is between interference fit and slip fit, but this one just slides together loosely, the first one was a tight fit.

In this case though, it has more to do with the size of the slots in the design and the actual thickness of the material, rather than kerf adustment.

I didn’t bother to adjust the slot size, (for either one), for the actual thickness of the material.