Half cutting

Hello everyone… its me again… Heeelp…

It happens regularly… since last time that everyone here help me setting the Speed and power and adding the masking.

Im using acrylic rose gold
145/ full

It was cutting fine but doesn’t finish…
Any ideas?
It’s frustrating im in a rush to ship this today ASAP to a customer, and is just waist of time… turning it off, to cool down, cleaning all lenses, I don’t know what else to do

I’m going to move this to Beyond the Manual since that’s the only place we can post non-PG settings.

It looks like it’s just not cutting all the way through in some areas, not that it’s ignoring some of the cuts – is that correct? In that case if your optics are clean the next step would be to slow your cut speed down a little bit. Rather than experiment on your artwork and potentially wasting more material, use @evansd2’s test strip to try a range of settings and dial in on the one that cuts best without over-burning.


What @geek2nurse said - but I will add - do not pull your work out of the Glowforge until you’ve verified its cut out. You should be pinning your material down with something, and then when the cut is done open the lid, and with a piece of tape, or tweezers, or something pull out the cut pieces. If anything doesn’t come out easily you should close the lid and run your cut again at a slightly higher speed with no adjustments to the location - literally just set everything that you don’t need run again to Ignore and click print for the ones you do.

Especially when your optics start to get dirty this will save you from wasting material.


If you have a cut line directly over another one in your design the laser head will move over them, but will not fire. If that is the behavior, the laser going over your material but absolutely no cutting going on, then verify you do not have duplicate lines in your design.

only thing i can add to all the great advise you have gotten, is make sure to focus the laser on the ‘high’ point of the piece (in the three dots ‘set focus’ so it knows exactly where the center is.)

Good luck they look awesome!


Just wondering why you are offering advise 6 months after the initial post?

because you never know when someone will search…
(and I didn’t see it was 6 months old) :stuck_out_tongue:

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PS: what happened to the 21 days after no more replies the post is closed?

I believe the auto-close after a month is only in P&S

I thought it was 30 days, or so, in Everything Else. I missed any announcements about that rule being applied to Made on Glowforge or Beyond the Manual.