Half engraving?

Just recieved glowforge #5 and im only getting half engraving on one side of machine ? Any one no whats going on never had this issue with previous 4 machines

Sadly, this often means the mirrors have been knocked out of alignment. Double check that the window on the left inside of the machine is clean as well as the window on the side of the printhead. If the optics are clean, the problem is probably the alignment.

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Seams ok if this is what ur talking about ?

… and this one:

Yup thats all clean aswell!

Where is @Deleted @MyDogsThinkImCrazy any tips on your end? 5th machine should of been my lucky charm clearlyyy nott lol

The laser is out of alignment, UPS was not gentle.

MAYBE machine #6 will be your charm!


Oh, wow. Sorry for your exercise in frustration. All I can offer is that my machine has been next to flawless for the last 4+ years.
Thank you for the pictures, like @Deleted said, the mirror alignment is off. How the power diminishes as the head moves right is a sure sign.

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Oh no!!! I am sorry!!! Ugh, yes, its something that has to go back to glowforge :frowning:

It is crazy the issues I have seen Canadians have with their machines. Did you end up getting a thunder as well? You are in the most perfect place being close to FoxRun. The price you get for the slabs I use is crazy.

After working with you on the second one you got, I can for sure vouch that its not a you problem with these machines. You are extremely well versed in these compared to most I see. I hope you can get a working one soon. I am curious, does glowforge extend your warranty with the time you are down? I have always wondered this.

I had to go #4 to get a good one. Fedex for me. First never moved, Second sounded like shattered glass so they sent it back from the depot, third turned around halfway cross country.
Fedex and ups. Never change you guys!!

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