Hand drawn/scanned scaling

Continuing the discussion from The Leather Bag Story:

Thought this deserved it’s own topic.

So @dan can we request the feature of having scanned drawings etc. be scaled before they are cut or engraved? I can see this being useful to many projects in more than one way. Scaling something up and scaling something down, I wouldn’t have thought it’s too tricky once you’ve got the data in from the camera.

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Wow, you’re right. We can pretty easily insert a stage between scan & print so you can edit and resave the scan before pushing it back on to the material.

Will put that out as a feature request. Thanks!


Wow that would be amazing even without the scaling this means I can bring back old drafting skills from High School scan then drop in the material I actually want cut all on the Glowforge.

Heck maybe we aren’t to the point you could sketch out an idea on the back of a napkin and then prototype it from there but it sounds so close.

The Glowforge keeps getting more and more amazing.


That’s one of the things I love about Glowforge. There is so much you can do from the software, so adding amazing features like that scaling suggestion and storing of scanned templates are possible even after the product has launched and is out there in homes. Traditional laser cutters are stagnate and typically use software that is ancient.

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That’s a big part of what excited us about creating this product - because we can improve the software on the cloud servers, it means we can keep making the product better and better instead of shipping something that goes obsolete quickly. We have so much we want to do! First things first, though. Have to get the basics right before we get too fancy.