Hand/Pointer Removed from Dashboard


My hand/pointer are MIA.

I saw that someone else had the issue last year and there are temporary fixes, but how do i get back the pointer/hand on my dashboard.

Thank you!

The hand/pointer icon has not been removed. That said, I’ve never used it, since it doesn’t do anything a two-finger scroll on a touchpad or touchscreen doesn’t do already.

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Maybe not from yours, but it has from mine which is why i wrote the post. Any Glowforge folks have a fix?

Glowforge staff does not participate in this forum. If you open an incognito window or a different browser, is the hand icon still missing? I would suspect an ad blocker or other browser addon hiding it.

Argh on that first part!

I tried in incognito, with all the things turned off and still no dice. I would have bet that would have been accurate, alas.

It’s local to your machine, it still shows up in Chrome, Firefox and Safari here.

Have you tried…
A) a different browser?
B) updating your browser?
C) rebooting your computer?

yep, yep yep. i wonder if it’s an account thing that might need to be reset from the gf side?

I figured out what’s going on. The pointer and hand icons are not visible if your screen is too narrow, in order to ensure the toolbar doesn’t get cut off on mobile devices. Your screen/window is too narrow or your screen resolution too low. You can see those icons disappear once the window width hits a certain minimum size, and reappear when I make the window larger. Zooming out the entire page (CTRL and MINUS at the same time) will also give you more room to fit all the toolbar icons.

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If so, you need to email support directly since they aren’t watching this forum.

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