Handcut with a laser!


Saw this on reddit, didn’t have the patience to cut it out by hand like they claimed to. Replicated it, added LASER, done!


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:blue_heart: Bam!


I know at least one artist who does stuff vaguely similar and with this level of detail, and yes she does it by hand with a blade.


The guy who made this says it took around 16 hours, this took roughly 30 minutes to print. Glowforge should just adopt the tag line “life is too short to cut things by hand”. hahah.


Beary nice!


That is… :+1:


New bi-line for them!
I understand the motivation for the artist though, a focus like that is meditation.

Edit; because I do my best proof reading just after I hit send.


Whoa whoa whoa! :clap:


Fer crying out loud I can’t take these paper experiments anymore. Awesome work there, I am flippin’ gonna have a stroke from excitement when my unit finally arrives. Sigh.


You above anyone else have reason to be excited about the paperwork! I hope you will continue with the forum participation and share your glory with us.


Oh I’ll be here! I’ve got way too much mental energy wrapped up into this gadget to walk away now! I need to create or I’ll die. :joy:


Years ago, I was going to assemble one of those papercraft V-8 engines. Got about 3 pages and 2 blades in before giving up.


Really cool and all, but if I’m being honest… this kind of triggers my trypophobia… =P


had to look that up…


Heh, if you’re trypophobic (and didn’t know it), my apologies for what you may have found. =)


So how would the honeycomb crumb tray work for you? Lots of holes there. Wow.


@newbies_234 That is AMAZING! Any specifics on the paper you used?


This could look really cool back lit.


Really cool! nice job!