Hanging Piece

Has anyone had this happen with their Glowforge? I can’t figure out how to resolve this.

That is the air assist fan. It is made like that. The small scoop directs air onto the surface of the material where the laser hits it to blow smoke away.


Air assist fan. Meant to be angled down, but not so close to bed like that. Can you measure the clearance? Should be a little over 1/2" from the bed.

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I think something is still not right. When I put the printer head on it’s leaning. I’m losing my mind! I was just about to start a project!

The front wheels are not on their rail. Remove the printhead and pull the carriage plate forward and lift up so that the front wheels engage the rail.


Agreed - just follow instructions to correctly mount the carriage plate on the rails.

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I am back in business (and off the ledge LOL)! Thank you for your help!


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