Happy 3.141592 Day!


In celebration of Pi day, I thought it would be appropriate to decorate a pie in a mathematically Q-bert like way. So I made a few interchangeable stencils along with an alignment jig to facilitate dusting the top of a chocolate cream pie with 2 shades of cocoa powder to create this cubic pattern. Here are the svgs for the stencils and the jig (you’ll need a 5/8" dowel or similar for the alignment rods). The stencils are in 3 colors, one for each cube face. Technically you only need to use 2 of the stencils, as the 3rd face will “automatically” be created by what’s NOT dusted by the first 2 stencils, but I’m including the 3rd anyway just in case anyone has any bright ideas for it. The rings are lightly drawn on the baseplate so you can center the pie dish, and there are 3 rings in the stencil file you can use to cut out cardboard “shields” to lay on the actual crust edge under the stencil if you want to avoid getting dust on the crust, like one OCD nutcase I know.

Mmmmmm, pi.


Thanks for the share. I like it a lot.

On a side note, I wonder sometimes how many people actually remember Qbert (especially those younger than me).


Never heard of Qbert, but the pie looks phenomenal! :sunglasses:


Outstanding! My chef hubby is very impressed.


That pie is trippy to look at. So delicious looking too.


Mmmmmmmmm pie. I’m having a Homer Simpson moment.


Qbert was a video game that I remember playing on an Atari when I was a kid.




Which one is Qbert, the grape or the snake?


If you were just a little younger I’d say that you had a deprived childhood.


Oh, I was a full blown adult at age two. :smile:


lol Q*Bert is the “grape” :rofl::rofl:

(you might also recognize him from cameos in Wreck-It Ralph and Pixels)




don’t know how old you are, but I can still hear the q-bert song in my head!


Um… some of us played that bastard in an actual ARCADE…



Yet another thing I wonder if people will remember! I would pack a bag of quarters everytime we went on vacations.


Ahh, the early / mid 80s…


My wife had a misspent college experience in arcades. She was a real pinball wizard. Back when you got physical with the machine & it wasn’t all trick electronics but actual physical gears, levers, ball, switches…


So many will never understand the bump but not too hard thing.


Arcades made a comeback! There at least four I know of in my metro area (Phoenix). Many of them serve craft brew (beer) these days.

There are also new arcade games being made. One really popular one of the last few years is Killer Queen. It’s a little like Joust for up to 10 players.


As for Q*bert, I cared for one of those machines when I ran an arcade as a teenager. Good times.