Happy Birthday Glowforge!



I’m going to assume there was cake.


Well, Happy Birthday Glowforge! :sparkles::dizzy::balloon::birthday::gift::boom::fireworks:



The little Glowforge shaped cake with founders on top was pretty cute.


oh, that was a cake? Cool! :slight_smile:


Oh, no no. Its the latest beta unit off the factory floor. They reduced the bed size again. :wink: (kidding)


For many years to come :grinning:


feliz cumpleaños !

Wszystkiego najlepszego!

that is… Happy Birthday !!! Finally out of those terrible twos ! :grinning:


Happy, Happy Birthday!!! :relaxed:


A grand day in the world when you arrived, dear Glowforge! Best of wishes. :relaxed:


Sure changed my world.


Mine too! Been fun hasn’t it? :relaxed:


Oh yeah.
Moving in a direction that wasn’t available to me before, not to speak of all the peripheral benefits, like all I have learned hanging here with great people I would never have known. :sunglasses:


Nailed it! I feel exactly the same way! :smile:


That’s the part I value the most. :relieved:


It has absolutely changed the way I look at things and always with that question that is on each of our minds, “Can I make it on a Laser?”


How many people thought that was a picture of 3 little "clay’ statues on top of a glowforge. Had to do a second look before I noticed that it was a Glowforge cake with 3 fondant figures on top of it !!! (Now how many people thought those figures looked like characters from Celebrity Deathmatch? LOL Glowforge founders vs KISS )



Thought Groucho, Harpo and Chico.


My first thought was: