Happy Easter!


Happy Easter everyone! I decided to make a quick Easter basket addition as a surprise for my husband.

(he is the usual blogger on here, so please forgive the lousy pictures).

The bunny is made from Cherry proofgrade, and took about 8 minutes to cut and etch.

I used hot glue, to give enough dimension to the piece so that a gift card would fit between the big feet and head.

The final product! I’m really pleased with out it turned out, and the gift card fit perfectly.

Had to add a little bunny tail.

Basket is complete! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Beautiful !! And Happy Easter to every forum member out there! :rabbit:


Happy Easter! That is a cool project!


So Adorable! Love it! Happy Easter


That’s adorable! (Love how the bunny cradles the card!) :grinning:


Very cute


That’s lovely! Happy Easter :slight_smile:


That is so cool! Do you mind if we steal that idea? (If we ask first, technically it is not stealing, right?) :slight_smile:


This is adorable. What a fun little gift!




You and your husband both continue to inspire with your creations using the GF. I love how simple, clean, useful and cute your bunny is. Can’t wait to see future gift card holders :slight_smile:


Now to only figure how to create a locking mechanism so the gift card isn’t released util you bite the ear off…:smile:


Please feel free to copy! :slight_smile:


That is totally adorable!


You two are just so awesome.


oh my goodness! So much cute!




What?! That is super cute. I must admit, I let out a little giggle of joy when I saw the back of the bunny. Love your attention to detail!


Very clever!


Awwwwwww…so cute and clever! Happy Easter to you too!