Happy Halloween... edge-lit

I adapted @kittski’s design for an LED base a few weeks ago. I like interchangeable acrylics for the same base… though I may have to manufacture some more since seeing @Jules’ scary eyes.

Dad had some 20-year old acrylic from an automotive repair, and the amber was begging to be highlighted.

As this was cutting, I browsed through other made-on-a-glowforge topics and encountered @hansena’s post. We appear to have found the same use for the same lettering.

I found the lettering at festival-collection.com and the punkin at clipartxtras.com

Traced and edited in AI, reversed the image to engrave the back, and used proofgrade settings, adjusting the focus for the thinner media.

This 1/10” amber acrylic is thinner than the 1/4” slot I had. Luckily, my 2-year search for materials yielded some .07” black acrylic. Two black tabs applied to either side made it a perfect fit in my base.

I love how I can go from idea to object so quickly. I am getting noticeably faster in design and graphic manipulation. The tabs were a function of about 30 ctrl+z clicks to get back to the contour I wanted. Faster than actually doing work.

It took 45 minutes to etch because I left the proofgrade settings. I frequently drop d.p.i. to 195 or 220 to cut the engrave time in half if the project merits less detail, and this certainly could have been done quicker. 7" wide.

Happy seasonal design to all of you.


Nice work!
Yes, I really enjoy the ease and speed of bringing an idea into existence.


Nice! Turned out great!


Love autumn … and this definitely brings it into the home! Nicely done!


Cute design–the pumpkin looks great in that amber acrylic!


Looks great! That is funny we chose the same font!


Excellent! (And that’s a great amber color on the acrylic - it lights perfectly for a pumpkin!) :grinning:


Ohhh!!! I really need to start making these glow thingys

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This is gorgeous! That first picture…looks like the light might not be on?..it’s got some amazing kind of depth to it that way…with a second pumpkin showing behind the engraved front. Very cool looking!

Inspired! Very thoughtfully and thoroughly documented!

Very nice. Thanks for the pointers to the source. I found those sites a bit difficult to navigate. Actually, I’ve spent most of my evening clicking around trying to find these files. For anyone else who doesn’t want to go through that, here’s the lettering: http://festival-collection.com/happy-halloween-banner-letters/

I’ve given up on the pumpkin.

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google “pumpkin black white silhouette” and you’ll find it.
Or one you like better.

I cite the source; but I don’t always navigate the source. :wink:

Thanks. I just went ahead with another pumpkin file I already had, but I ended up losing my whole evening to a fight with Illustrator, so I didn’t get to make anything. A fairly common occurrence.


Very well done! I love it.

Oooo, cool pumpkin. Cool orange translucent acrylic. I like it!!

The arch in the lettering really compliments the light source. I like it!

I finally got around to copying your idea. My pumpkin isn’t quite as nice, but this will do for a short-lived desk accessory.


I really like your font on this. :grinning:

See link earlier for where we all stole it from.

Spooky! Perfect use for 20-year-old amber acrylic :slight_smile:

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