My first edge lit acrylic


I have been meaning to get around to making several different ones, but this one was quick and needed to keep my momentum going. Some day I need to really write a long post about how much Glowforge has changed my life.

Happy Halloween... edge-lit

Cool! I need to put something like that together for the window for Trick-or-Treaters, that would make a nice little welcome. :grinning:


Looks great! Isn’t edge lit acrylic fun?

Can’t wait to hear the story of you life :smile:


Project is too wide and attenuates the light.

First blush reaction deems this an oopsie, but the way it fades produces an awesome Halloween vibe
Weird how sometimes unintended consequences can make things better.

Great job…


Did you 3D print that base?


Agreed–the effect is pretty ideal for the project.


Maybe he was fully aware of the effect and designed with that effect in mind :slightly_smiling_face:


Great subject! I fell in love with edge lit acrylic, that’s why I bought the dozen deal on the bases. They make really nice night lights!


Exactly. Used an LED pumpkin light that flickers. Almost used three, but liked the dull flickering because it looked more spooky that super bright neon sign.


Wow, the letters look spooky when lit! Love the effect.