Happy Valentines Day!


Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day! Thanks Everyone for being so amazing. I have learned so much! I have been loving reading everything on the forum.

Here is my Son holding his TIE Fighter Valentines Box. We had a blast making it!

And here are the Twin Ion Engines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome job!


I don’t think the wife will go for that as her gift…


Coolest Valentine’s box I have ever seen.


That’s fantastic! (And extremely clever!) :grinning:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Glowfolk! :heart_eyes:


What is a Valentine’s box? Is that a US thing?


The young children swap valentines in school. The box has a slot in the top to collect the cards. :relaxed:


Happy Valentines Day to all you crazy Glowies…oo oo …shinies !


When I was a kid, which was a while ago, in elementary school we’d make a “mailbox”, usually just colored paper folded over and decorated, and then everyone in class would drop a little Valentine’s Day card in everyone’s mailbox. A wonderful opportunity for petty, social power plays (as in 20 classmates but only 17 cards.) I guess it’s gone big.

I have a teacher friend who says in her school they aren’t allowed to use the word Valentines Day, but the administration decided the teachers would give Valentine’s Day cards to an elderly center. And she was in charge of it. So she dubbed it the mid-winter something or another.


It is an extremely commercialized holiday now. I just use it as an opportunity to do things with my wife and kids. We keep it simple (except of course on the design of the box… which the kids each come up with.) :wink: :blush: We have stopped going out to resterants they get so crazy busy. We just stay home and play games as a family.

Valentines box of one of my daughters. :blush:


That’s adorable! :heart_eyes:


Happy Valentines Day folks.

Completely on the DL this is what my wife made for me this morning.

I love it.


Me too! :relaxed:


That is so cool!


I so badly wanted a glowforge last night.
The 5th grade kid has made valentine boxes in class the last 4 years, and we were in the habit of not doing them, though with prep time they are at least as much fun as halloween.
6:30… “Mom- I need a Valentine Box for tomorrow!”

We could’ve rocked the world with a glowforge. As it was, Aluminum foil over a shoe box, kid. Luckily she doesn’t have the experience for high expectations.


That is so cool. The picture really stands out. Thank you for sharing. :grinning:


Nothing better than a custom made edge lit acrylic sign for Valentine’s Day, designed and made by your honey.


Cookie Monster fishing for LOVE with a cookie!

Actually I think he is fishing for a Glowforge…

(Forgot to mention - Everything is edible except the fishing rod and line)


Another edible work of art! :grin:


That is freaking adorable. Also, pretty sure cookies are the way to the heart, so seems like a good lure.