Has any work been done to enable a basic feature to repeat the last job?

This must be the most requested feature. Any news?
The most basic CNC machines dating back 40+ years have an easy way to re-run the last program - the M30 command - it’s the entire reason NC and CNC machines were invented.
The fact that this “advanced” machine does not offer that type of functionality is sad.


GF does not share “news” about upcoming features, but this one is highly unlikely to happen. It’s been requested pretty much since day 1. The standard response is “it’s in the hopper” or “we’ll share your feedback with the team”…


I honestly regret purchasing a glowforge. I have advised friends to steer clear. Overlooking basic functionality and not listening to customers who ask for a simple function from day one is not good customer service. Not having a stand-alone local software and forcing everything to be web based is also how they maintain control. Time to sell it and move on.

It may SOUND simple, but doing a repeat operation when you need to open the lid to change out your material is anything but with the current way the system works., (Same for letting you open the lid mid-cut)


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