Has anybody tried FlatFab?

http://flatfab.com us a open source CAD program specifically for making things out of flat parts (i.e. laser cutting and CNC milling). The video looks awesome. I haven’t tried it yet. It looks like the project has been around for a few years, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Has anyone hear tried it? I’m very excited about the potential, and would love to compare notes with others.


It was looked at a while ago but perhaps it has improved.

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It’s been around since 2014. The source is at https://github.com/JamesMcCrae/flatfab . No recent commits. But trying the app, it seems to work pretty well, at least in a few minutes of testing.

I tried it about a year ago and gave up after a few hours. Simply could not get it to align parts the way I wanted them. Hope it works for you!

Just reached the same conclusion. Clever idea, for certain kinds of designs. But Fusion 360 plus Slicer (https://apps.autodesk.com/FUSION/en/Detail/Index?id=8699194120463301363) is a much more powerful solution. And both are free for hobbyists.

Slicer replaces 123D Make, which Autodesk killed in March. Well, they killed the whole 123D line of (awesome) apps, and merged them into Fusion 360. Probably a lot easier for them to manage one app than a dozen, though the 123D apps were so nice and simple they were great for casual users.


Fusion 360 is okay and certainly powerful, but I really liked the 123D apps for setting up E-nable build plates. Quick and easy, boom you’re done.

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