Flat Fab



Hey guys, check out this program. I belive it’s free and seems like a perfect laser matchup.


Has anybody tried FlatFab?
Linux Users - Design Options?

Omg, they have a Linux tar ball ready to go. Yippee! Will bang on it tonight.


Awesome find…bookmarked to play tomorrow


Looks like fun, perfect for the thin material we will use.


Oh gods! You hit me right in the free time!

Damn you! DAMN YOU!!!

(This looks freaking amazing)


That spikey pen holder looks cool…i bet it would look good in florescent green plexi. (Would match my insect and alien lego sets…lol)


Haha!!! Success!!

(Ya I think I’m going to have fun with this one.)


Hmm. No luck getting it going on Ubuntu. Can’t find much help about this. Arg.


What version are you running? I’m on 15.10. I extracted it through the regular file manager using the default archive manager (file roller, I think.)


Whooooa, this looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to download and start playing around. Thanks for sharing @soldiercoleman!


Well there goes my afternoon.
I love the simulation mode, that is going to save a ton of trail and error.


I don’t have a laser yet so I’d love to see what those of you who do think of the program and how well it translates to cut.


This looks incredible. What has gotten me even more excited is this one photo:

It looks like oculus with a leap controller and an orion based interface. I dont see it mentioned on their page anywhere but im hoping to find something with info on this somewhere. I cant wait to start modeling in 3d


14.04. Are you up and running? No go still for me. Thought it might be simply change mode to executable. No dice.


I installed FlatFab on my laptop and played with it for a bit. I didn’t manage to find a way to make your designs in 100% parametric form, which is a detractor for me. But still, awesome enough I will go ahead and flub my way through a few attempts at a design next week (this week is booked sadly)


I just installed it… gonna take some time to get the feel for it… lol crazy. I’m so used to designing in 2D on Corel Draw


Oh hells to the mother friggen yeah!!


I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks so much.
I especially like the look of that thickness calibration cutout.


I wonder if you can paste into it from Illustrator. Have to give it a go tomorrow.


What @nunziocsaid! lol