Has anyone cut "Mounting board"

I’m looking for input on Mounting board from hobby lobby. It is in the framing section with all the uncut matting options.
I have the pro.
Any setting suggestions would be appreciated!

I have no experience with it, but when working with an unknown material, testing on a small piece or edge is how you dial in the results you are looking for.
When I got mine nearly 5 years ago, testing was some of the most fun I had. Throw in a different material and see what happens at different settings. It’s a treasure hunt!


#6 is what you need:


It’s 3/16th poster board or foam board - so ditto to what they said about testing, but also:

(read through the comments)


I regularly cut out art palette shapes out of black foam-core (mounting board) with a glossy print adhered to one side and then masked. Obviously, my settings will be slightly different because of the print and the black color, but it will give you a jumping off point.
Spd 275 - Pwr Full - 2 passes