Laser settings for poster board

Has anyone used regular poster board in the glowforge? I was wondering what are the best settings for cutting.

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Thank you. I will try theme.

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I have cut a fair amount of Elmers brand foamboard which I get from WalMart. My saved settings are 325/FULL (I have a Pro)…

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Glowforge Settings.xlsx (394.3 KB)
Here is my all I know


I was told that foam board was not safe to use. What types of foam can you use in addition?

Where were you told that foam board was not safe?

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I suggest you ask the person who told you it was not safe.

I’ve been cutting it without issue for years.

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Perhaps they soak their foam board in gasoline? :smiley:

This was a passthrough test when the feature was released - almost 4’ wide. My cloakroom is western themed.


Best option is to try several settings and find out what works best for you. Fortunately poster board is cheap, so you should be able to try a lot without too much worry about the cost of wasted material.

Here’s the settings and notes that work for me:

Black poster board from Fred Meyer, Cut settings:
Speed: 250
Power: 40
Passes: 1
Thickness set: 0.019
Notes: minor smoke, minor oder, good results, 1 small spot not quite cut 100% through