Has anyone engraved a basswood country round?

Hello! I am new to the glowforge community and wondering if anyone has ever engraved something like this? Just curious what settings were used. I have been testing some but don’t want to mess the final product up. TIA!


There’s really no substitute for testing. I’ve engraved quite a few of these and typically start with the engrave settings for basswood PG.


The settings are going to come down to preferences, and I can’t help you there. There’s not much you can do to “mess it up”, except maybe get the focus wrong.

How thick is that piece? If it’s more than about 0.5", you’ll need to learn about engraving without the crumb tray if you don’t know about it already.

Here’s a good thread to get you started if you’re not familiar.


It is more than .5" so I have been researching removing the crumb tray! But that thread will be very helpful. Thank you!


The only place on the forum where we can discuss non-proofgrade settings is in Beyond the Manual, so I’m going to move this over there in case someone decides to suggest actual numbers. :slight_smile:


Oh okay, thank you for letting me know!

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This is very helpful.

Be prepared for natural materials to possibly have huge variation across grains - so your design needs to be simple and bold, i.e. not suitable for photographic images.

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You can also do some testing, and then sand it down enough to delete your tests once you’re ready to move forward!

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