Has anyone ever

…Tried using mica powders on a leather project?

I’m currently making a massive shield and I’ve decided to do a stone work pattern on the decorative edge, I have a really awesome looking pewter mica powder that I’d love to coat the stonework in. I’m trying to figure out the best possible method but I’m open to suggestions.

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I’ll bet leather mask-makers could give you some tips—I’m guessing they do that sort of thing all the time. Unfortunately I don’t know any specific ones to point you to.


Sounds like it’s worth trying on a sample?

I had good luck with acrylic paints and inks on leather, was surprised at the durability, saturation and coverage.

@geek2nurse did some leather coloring with her feathers, lemme pull that.


You can mix it with an acrylic finish like Resolene. Whatever you do, please please please wear a respirator.


She had a few posts but here’s one.


Yep! You can mix the mica powders in to your paint or sealant. The former will add a bit of a tint or shimmer, while the latter will have more of a transparent effect. Make sure to blend it very well - if you mix it too thick you’ll get ugly lumps and streaks.

Honestly, I find acrylics to be far more reliable for these effects. Mica powders are cool, and they can totally make your project - but they can also wreck it just as easily.


I have experimented with it. if mixed with a very thin bonding agent you can get a pretty good coverage, but anything you touch will also get coverage. I think Meidas was playing with this stuff.