Has anyone found a nice Glowforge-sized cart?


My GF will live in the garage but it will have to be on a cart. Has anyone found a good, inexpensive, flat-topped utility cart that will do the job? Everything I have found which is big enough is also stupid expensive.


Yes, in the GF portability topic. You could search this, I don’t have the link handy. - Rich


Here is a thread that people posted a few of there tables, several of which are carts.


Thanks guys!


If you need a sturdy and rugged industrial table and have the budget try ULINE.com:


There are packing tables that can have castors added to the legs to make them portable.


You could also make your own from wire shelving bits by Global Industrial. A quick look through their catalog suggests about $100 for a 36x24 cart including casters. (I might do that except it doesn’t fit my use case at all.


Also IKEA:



Check local restaurant auctions for cheap stainless steel tables. Can get some amazing deals!


I have one of these 24x36 Steel Service Carts from Harbor Freight that I got a while back for less than $50 that I’m hoping will work well.

Edit: I realize that I’ll probably have to put a top on it.


Another option is to hack any cheap, sturdy table with some decent-quality casters. I used these from Home Depot and some IKEA parts to make a great standing desk a few years ago. I still love and use it pretty much every day. They’re $12 each.


I have that exact same cart for my glowforge. I assembled the top portion upside down and but a piece of plywood on top. If harbor freight also has locking casters for cheap and a 20-25% off coupons.


Lowe’s home improvement has several types of utility carts.



Check with some school supply companies. They have loads of different carts. Mine is an av cart from a closed school. Check out the fit. It’s magic.

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look at ULine.com…just got one from them for $179.00 with shipping.
guess I was a little late, but ok,I like mine.


Which one did you get @chrisgray1313 ?


I got the flat top, it is 40+ inches long with handle and wide enough for the GF.


Would you mind posting a link to the one you got so we can have a look at the specs? I still haven’t decided what I’m going to use and I just ordered two more pieces of equipment that will also need stands and one of those will need to be on wheels. Thanks!


https://www.uline.com/BL_1879/Uline-Utility-Carts-with-Flat-Shelf There you go.




You’re welcome Sir !..(notice the correct spelling of you’re )…lol