Has anyone had there tube replaced outside of warranty yet?

Have a busted laser tube on our pro and wondering if anyone has had one replaced yet and what did it cost?


Nope, you might be the first. Other replacements were warranty replacements.

At one point, there was a guesstimate of a return for replacement in the $500 range, but that was before actual costs were taken into account, and I wouldn’t hold them to it exactly. Still it will likely be somewhere in that range - the tube itself is likely several hundred dollars.

How did it break?

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Yep. A good CO2 40W replacement tube is $250-300. Cheaper ones are out there but not as good - lower continuous operating power, shorter lifespan, been on the shelf longer (they degrade over time just sitting).

Since theirs is a custom design it is likely more expensive. Add in the shipping & labor and 500 is probably not far off.


Yep, you may be the first. I think this calls for a new @discourse badge!

Meanwhile, we’ll all be watching with bated breath; be sure to let us know the outcome!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.