Has anyone received their October "update" email?


feel free to post a screen shot of verbiage should you feel compelled to… I will not judge you.

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No, not yet, but they said this week, and its only Wednesday.


Lots of them came out yesterday. It’s all over the forum and Facebook. The emails will continue coming out all week.


Got my email update yesterday.


Anybody got one saying anything other than shipping in October?


I have received my email last night, though it seemed very generic still as it only said that I should get my “golden email” sometime in October. Which seems really vague still.


i think it essentially means you’re still on the most recent schedule.


Well original it was delivered in October. Now it has slipped to shipping started in October.


Got it. I don’t know how many different versions there are but I’m sure there are several.


I think it’s funny that it looks like it’s still just a generic estimation. I figured it would be and questioned why people kept reading into the update assuming it meant they’d get a date specific projection. People seemed to assume I read it wrong and that glowforge was actually gonna crunch the numbers to tell us all something specific… lol


Day 21 pro order… should have the shipping process started by the end of the month. Filter date is 4/9/2018.


You mean “shipping.” At this point, with no email yet, I’m assuming I won’t see my Glowforge until the end of the year at the earliest. At the very least, I’d hope this email will have an actual, firm date as to when I will actually receive the product. All these different estimated delivery and “shipping” dates up to this point have all been overly optimistic or downright unrealistic, or even intentionally deceitful. I want a realistic date instead of empty promises and “we really want you to have your Glowforge as soon as possible.” That tells me nothing. They always know more about the delays than they’re telling us. They always wait until the last minute to admit to a new delay. And they always pretend they’re on schedule when they absolutely know they aren’t. I understand there are unforeseen problems that cause delays. Once those problems become apparent, and the shipping schedule is obviously not on target anymore, they should admit to it immediately. I think I’ve ranted enough this time. Now I’ll continue to wait.


So we got an update stating that we’re now waiting on an email to tell us when we’re getting another email to tell us that our orders will ship sometime within 6 weeks of that email… got it.


Which is 6 weeks more specific than you know now.


Except right now those without their projected delivery emails don’t know when the 6 weeks will start. Those who have an email now know a no later than start so they know when they will have it by. So far it looks like receipt no later than mid-December assuming none of those who heard today get their golden ticket email before end of month. Since it’s likely some will get emails during the next two weeks that puts their deliveries no later than the first couple of weeks of December and if recent shipping times hold, should be in November.

That is more than I know right now as I haven’t gotten my projection email. So my point is if you have the projection email you know more than you did last week.


April !!?!!?!? :fearful::sob:


Dan posted that they’ll start in January but you know how that goes :wink:


And alas I ordered on day 24 :wink:


Day 16th pro order should have mine in hopefully 6 weeks from now if they continue shipping 4 weeks after golden email… or so I hope. Also granted they will stick to the premise of sending “the email” before month end.