Has anyone requested a refund on the compact filter after receiving it?

Hi- I received my glowforge and filter last Friday - YAY!
I love the Glowforge - the filter, not so much. It became ‘full’ after printing on only 6 12" x 20" sheets of proofgrade material. I had only had it for 4 days! Filter problem occurred and now can’t use it with my current set-up ( will have to rearrange my work area to vent outside - ugh) With new filter cartridges costing $245, using the filter will be a super costly expense that I can not afford. I’m waiting for a response for support about a refund (after many photos and video of Glowforge runnng and my set-up) … but am wondering if anyone else had this issue?? Thx, Cindi


Unfortunately, yes, some people have found the filter life to be extremely short. It’s usually caused by engraving materials like PG draftboard, as it generates a lot of sticky residue that clogs the media. There’s a lot of discussion around using a pre-filter to catch the bulk of it, but that’s not an “official” solution and only extends the life a little.

If your work involves a lot of engraving on manufactured material like draftboard, venting externally is probably the only practical solution.

Thx ! - I am working on rearranging my space to vent outside right now. Any info on whether people have been able to return the compact filter without a lot of grief?

I don’t recall seeing any discussion of that, but because it’s more “personal”, it’s likely handled by email, not on this forum.

I’m sure you’ve read the terms and conditions covering returns, that cover the fees.

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Thank you -can I not discuss refunds in the group?

Sure! But they won’t post personal info here.

With luck, other owners who’ve been thru the process might comment before support closes this thread.

As you’ve already emailed, they will likely check in with “we see you’ve emailed us, so we’ll continue the process there”…

Thx - I will recheck the refund policy, however do not feel that I should have to pay a penalty since the filter itself does not do what it’s supposed to do within a reasonable time - not have to replace the filter every week. Thanks for responding. I just wondering if this is a random fluke OR are other owners having similar issues with the filter.

They are, per my first post. Engraving manufactured materials like the draftboard really clogs it up quickly.

Thx, Again!

The suggested use procedures aND materials for the filter could definitely be much clearer and posted in big red letters right on it so there’s no way to miss it. It’s totally possible to get several months of use out of a single filter cartridge. (Unfortunately "ProofGrade” is all about guaranteed cutability and has nothing to do with filter performance)

I have been having the same experience with customer service. Except my machine is now a 3 week old paper weight. It does not work at all and they are looking into it. It’s been days now, I don’t know what to do.

Support has tried be be helpful, but the process is time consuming. I need to be near my computer and my glowforge waiting for a response


I rearranged my Glowforge set-up to vent directly outside - problem solved …no smoke what so ever.
Now, I just have return and get a refund for the filter.

Thank you for your patience @cyvonneh. I’m so sorry for my late reply! I’ve responded to your email with us, and we’ll continue working on your return there.

I’m going to close this thread. Feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions.

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