Has anyone tried engraving into a regular paper mate pink eraser?

I’m just curious if anyone here has tried engraving into a standard pink eraser to make small stamps? Not sure if there’s anything in the rubber that would make this a bad idea.

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I’ve thought about it but haven’t tried it yet.


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I have not tried engraving the eraser. I stick to stamp rubber.


Pencil erasers have grit added to them. I’m not sure what is in the grit, let’s see what google says. I suspect fine mineral grit. BRB.

Generally, erasers that contain silica grit and rubber

(source: https://createlet.com/best-pencil-erasers/#:~:text=Generally%2C%20erasers%20that%20contain%20silica,in%20tandem%20with%20colored%20pencils)

So essentially it’s rubber with sand/glass in it. Sand doesn’t laser cleanly, and some erasers are strange polymers with unknown additives. While engraving a pink pencil eraser might work, I’m with @dklgood and would stick with laserable stamp rubber – not worth the risk to find out there’s something harmful added to the eraser.

In case you haven’t seen this, check out #4. It’s some general guidance on materials that can be dangerous to laser:


I was making a pencil box with a ruler, engraved pencils and an engraved pink pearl eraser in it. The Eraser engraved very well, don’t remember what my settings were. Never thought about anything in the eraser that would be harmful. It works great and I will do it again when kids use up their erasers.
Good luck


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