Has anyone tried this black/glow in the dark acrylic sheet?



this stuff looks pretty cool.

3-gang Lever Light Switch Plate Toggle Cover

I bought a sheet, but haven’t used it yet. It looks very cool!




Not yet but I will


Anyone know what the Inventables laser setting suggestions are based on or the units they’re using? “40 power and 90 speed” aren’t orth anything unless you know the units and if %s then what the machine is so they can be translated to another machine.


Saw this one night browsing deep in the inventables forums. Maybe can help a little bit.


Thanks but it doesn’t provide correct answers for known comparable settings on any of my machines - like it says you can’t cut 1/4" wood :slight_smile:️ I haven’t had a 40W CO2 laser that couldn’t do 1/4" plywood as well as various species of solid wood - even the K40 which was only 32W on my laser power meter. So I can’t use the calculator’s results to figure a conversion factor between their numbers and the GF.


Nope! But my very limited 1/16" 2-layer acrylic testing sets me at
Engrave: 90/235/340
Score: 30/30
Cut: 100/30


Thanks! I figured I’d have to burn some to do a materials test but this should save me some time & materials.


Sure thing! I should say… You might wanna go 85/235/340. 90 got me awfully close to cutting through, but definitely didn’t. But I felt that 80 wasn’t quite enough. Of course, your results will vary since it’s simply not the same material. :wink: