Has anyone tried this?

I haven’t been able to find online a source for dual layer acrylic, black on red. I understand how to bond clear acrylic and clear acrylic with weld-on… But could you use weld-on to affix two separate colors of acrylic without a mess? Like, does it lead to bleeding colors or anything?


Funny thing memory. I did this in shop class the better part of 50 years ago. Yes, it can be done. The key is just enough but not too much.


I wonder if something like this would work for you? Engrave through the black, then adhere to red. You’d have a thicker profile, but wouldn’t have to make sure that the sheets are stuck together in all areas. To avoid any small pieces of black coming loose on the home made version.



I found a source of red surface on black core (#29498) and black surface on red core (#29529) at this location: http://www.gravograph.us/products-and-consumables/consumables-and-engraving-materials/plastic-materials-laser-mechanical-engraving/gravoply-ultra

Look for Gravoply Ultra.

Probably pretty expensive and you might have a pretty big minimum order.


You’re good. I searched for over 45 minutes and didn’t find any black/red. I messaged them about sales practices today and will post when I get a response. Web page talks about buy 3 get 1 free 1/4 sheets, so quantities may not be an issue. Don’t know if they only sell to shops or industrial users though.


I’m a little put off by that site. Most of the text there seems to have a European or Canadian slant to it, but the place is in Georgia? Meh. I dropped em a line too. 1/16 is a little thinner than I would prefer to work with, I worry about the durability of that with the client request I was given.


Looks like the parent company is in France.

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Back in junior high school woodshop class we made rings out of colored acrylics we glued together. They turned out great, no color bleeding. We used small squares though so they were easy to glue up, I’m not sure how bonding larger pieces will turn out with regards to avoiding trapping air bubbles, dust, hair, and such.

I’m also almost 100% sure they had us using MEK solvent to glue the acrylic.

2-color laserable acrylic products from Duets by Gemini retailer list: https://duetsbygemini.com/partners/