Has anyone worked on Moose Antler?

Wondering how that worked out - I have a few racks that were given to me, wanted to possibly put a nice deep etch engraving in them.

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I don’t know about moose antler, but I have turned deer antler for pens (once) and it stinks to high heaven!

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I turn Deer, Elk and other antler for pens - yup - it does stink… you are cutting pure protein - That wonderful burnt hair smell…

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I couldn’t get the moose to fit in my :glowforge: (and he wouldn’t keep still…) :neutral_face:


Antlers are made of bone, so I’d search the forum for “bone” … I know I’ve seen a few posts in the past about engraving on bone.

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I’ve engraved bone with good success:

As you can see, it took me a few tries to get the settings dialed in. I see that I did not update that thread when I did the last batch, but they came out nicely. I’d have to dig around for the settings that I used - and it might be a moot point, since the PRU was a bit different than the production models.

But yeah - all that to say that it can be done, with good results. Might have to play around a bit with settings though. How will you get around the height issue, or are you planning to slice it?

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That’s the main reason I ordered a Pro. The antler fits in the passthrough slot. The trick is teaching the moose to turn its head sideways.


I was hoping to keep the piece whole.

It will limit my engraving area, as I know I will be high on the edge.

I believe I will have a available surface area of 9x4 inches. The is until the ends of the antler start to rise and would be higher than the laser head assembly.

If you can find your settings, I would appreciate it.

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I’m still trying to envision how any of it will fit :slight_smile:

Here’s my shed with a piece of PG leather for scale.