Have any Pro e-mails been sent in the last 2 weeks?



I have been looking through the forum and google sheet and haven’t seen any Pro e-mails for the last two weeks. (Insert obligatory statement about the sample size of the sheet). Has anyone see any pro e-mails? @Dan are have any been sent out?

I haven’t see an update on the top shipping dates in over a week and close to 2 weeks now… I am really concerned that the date is going to be bumped again…




There was some Pro e-mails? Can you link?


I got my Pro email on 9/8…no shipping notice as of today.

Did receive shipping notice for Proofgrade goodies…supposed to arrive on 9/28.


can’t seem to find them…

giphy-downsized-large (1)


Just got my Pro email = )




Awesome! Congrats on getting the e-mail. I see from the updated sheet you got it today? It’s good to see that they haven’t stalled out!


Just got mine as well :smiley:


I also just got my Pro email a few minutes ago. However, since I don’t have anywhere to vent, there is not much point in taking delivery before the filter is ready.


Damn that sucks… I am really sorry to hear that.




Day 2 e-mail confirmed… I got my e-mail!


Got mine 18 minutes ago. Whooped and hollered.


So exciting to see all these emails coming in. Congrats, all!


Looks like the banner has been updated. It know says day 11 for basic and day 2 for pro. :sparkler:


I think you’re all lying about the emails. This goes completely counter to the spreadsheet and predictions of doom. It can’t possibly be true. :upside_down_face:


See Dan Berry, I can be funny too! Woo woo


Dude! I am really, truly happy for you!

Now go add that shit to the spreadsheet so that everyone can quit freaking out.


huh? It pains me to even ask this, but WTF are you talking about?

Edit: Oh, I get it now. You find jokes that make aspersions about someone’s sexual predilections to be funny. In 2017. Because you’re so intelligent and witty.