Have i went with the wrong company

I ordered my Glowforge jan 29 and received on feb. 26 and it is a none working unit!
took took about 24 hours for tech support to get back with me to tell me there going to send a replacement unit and would get back shortly with tracking and shipping info and a shipping label to send back the none working unit here it has been over 24 hours later and still no response back yet with any news! I had to wait a month and after a month of waiting and still have not got to print my first print I guess I am gonna be waiting another month on a replacement

Support response time can be up to 3 days. Though of late it has been less. If they have to send out a replacement it usually doesn’t take long. Sit back and relax a bit. It’s only been a day.


just got an email going to be 21 more days for me to receive my replacement

If it’s any consolation some of us waited years to get ours.

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That’s unfortunate. Obviously you ordered a new one and want a new one as a replacement. You might want to ask them, if you don’t care, if they can get you a refurb sooner. Usually those can be shipped in shorter time.

i doubt it’s any consolation, since those of us who waited years knew it was a crowdfunding campaign. very different beast.


@johne758 I saw your email and replied there – I want to get you printing as quickly as we can and 21 days looks long to me, too.