Have to cut non PG material more than once

I purchased some non Pg material(seems Glowforge always out) and I have to make cuts more than once. Example 1/4 cherry with MDF middle. Got settings from 2 different charts. had to cut 3 times. Is there a way to get the Proofgrade setting for this material so I can compare.

Don’t bother.

Settings are a matter of fine degrees, just use a solid testing routine and you’ll get a rock solid answer immediately.

Here’s a post about how to do it:

You’d already have perfect settings if you’d used this test, it’s really quick and easy!


Proofgrade setting are shown in the Glowforge interface. Simply select the material you are curious about, then click the operation (cut/engrave/score). The fly out menu shows operation.Click the arrow and the settings show.

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