Have to move "BEAMER" to his new home!

Well our new home. We closed this past week. :slight_smile:

Beamer needs to go on about a 20 minute ride to the new house. it would be shorter, but we aren’t doing railroad tracks on this route.

My question is:

  1. do I need to put ALL of the packing things in place for the short trip? I will if I need to, not a problem.

Just want to make sure I do it in the right order, so simply reverse the unpacking steps?

I get Beamer moved and will actually get to USE him. I have made only 4 things so far. :frowning:

OTOH, my shop is moved to the 3rd garage bay, in a HEATED garage. did I mention my garage is heated? Beamer goes into the upstairs office though, he is special.



ps. looking forward to posting pics of what I make that pale in artistic ability to you folks. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Congrats on the new digs! :grinning:

(I’d put all the dingles on, but that’s just me. Some of the others who have transported them to shows are more knowledgeable about what you can get away with.)


From moving more industrial CNC machines experience, I would for sure suggest the gantry screws being put back in. A good jam on the brakes, and the gantry may fly forward.

I am assuming Beamer gets his own spot in the back seat of the car. Wife and or kids can walk the 20 min.


yes Jordan they are walking. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Safest would be everything. Absolute minimum might be removing the head and applying all the bits to lock down X and Y (that’s what I did for a two-person carry down the stairs to Bill’s current home). A lot depends on the roads between the two locations :slight_smile:


Oh don’t let pale artistry keep you from posting! I sure never have. :roll_eyes: We’re all looking forward to seeing what you do. :smiley:


well the new house has a pool, I will work on my tan and then post. :slight_smile:

Golly I crack myself up some times. but only some times.


I am very jealous.


Sounds like an adventure for Beamer…lucky guy…lol
Like other suggestions…make the moving parts not move for the trip. Glad to see Beamer getting to stay inside, away from the dust and wood dandruff of the other shop toys. Cant wait to see what you create! :grin:


my dad would be Jealous, but he lives in Florida.

it might not be very cost effective to heat it.

I will have to see.

I am really looking forward to be able to make things with actual space to move around.

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I want to heat my garage, but it will be a while. My first major project in the home we bought a little over a year ago is a home theater room.


Congrats on the new house and Especially the HEATED garage (wow…). Good luck!


interesting thing is, this house we got did not have a theater room. Many of the 100 or so we looked at did. Between online and in person we looked at a LOT of houses, as you can see by that count. We like to watch shows as a family, but this basement is a walkout to a pool, so there are only two interior rooms that could be “darkened”, and one of those has a window. the other space opens to the pool deck.

Are you going to get the special recliners? Those have really come down in price these days. I think I would be tempted to get reclining love seats instead of individual recliners, more efficient space usage.

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When we moved, we looked at a number of houses that had theater rooms/spaces, but for various reasons did not have other requirements. The house we ended up with had space for my photography, music, office, etc.

Half of the basement is finished, the other half is not; so the unfinished side will be turned into the home theater–no windows, already heated. I haven’t completely decided on seating yet, since I’ll still be working on framing, etc for the room through the spring. I’m thinking that the love seats would work better, even though I would prefer individual recliners.


Did you go through houses and at any point think “Gee are we the only ones that think the features we are looking for are unique? How can we be the only people that X Y and Z features are important at the same time!”

We were getting pretty frustrated for a while.

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We only had a 45 day window to find a house and relocate, so we were fairly open minded about what we wanted and needed. So, I don’t recall any instances where we thought there were features we wanted that were unique. On the other hand, there were many instances where we thought “what were they thinking when they did that!”


WOW… that is a tight schedule we looked nearly all summer. found the new place in early October, had to wait for them to drop the price.

we did have the same experience. “WHAT were they THINKING?”

happened many times.

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That’s what happens when your wife accepts a new job and you need to get the kid registered for school :slight_smile:

I was not willing to move, rent and then have to move again.

Congratulations on the new house!

Please pack up your Glowforge according to the instructions in the manual. You can also find information on moving your Glowforge in our support section.

Hope you and Beamer enjoy the new space–we can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’re going to make.