Have to restart glowforge after each use or it sticks in focusing

Hi, I’ve been having trouble with the Glowforge stuck in focusing after each use. After I cut once, I put a new sheet on, and then it starts focusing and never gets out of it. Then, I have to shut it down, wait a few minutes, turn it back on and then it works fine. It gets really old having to wait after each cut when I am trying to cut the same image more than once. Ideas??

One possible cause is an unstable connection between your Glowforge and your WiFi access point/router. Support can check your logs to confirm this, but you can also use your phone as a WiFi access point (hotspot) to connect your Glowforge to the internet and bypass your WiFi access point. If the problem goes away, there is something degrading the connection your Glowforge makes to your WiFi.
Note that the Glowforge is very susceptible to interference and weak signals; even if everything else on your WiFi network is working fine it doesn’t mean the Glowforge has a strong connection.
If you find that using your phone as a hotspot solves the issue, the first thing to do is to unplug all your network devices, wait 5 minutes, and then plug them back in starting with the one that connects you to your ISP. Wait for each device to fully boot before powering on the next one. You may only have one device or you may have several depending on your network setup.
If that does not solve the issue, you may need to move your access point closer to the Glowforge or vice versa, or you may need a WiFi extender. I use a mesh WiFi system that works very well; I have never had any issues with my Glowforge connecting or maintaining its connection to my network.

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nope. Still not working. :slight_smile:

Hi @laurakay0831. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into some trouble as your Glowforge attempts to focus during prints. I saw you had opened an email support request, as well as another email ticket to address some cut trouble on the same unit. To avoid any potential confusion, or miscommunications, I have consolidated everything in to the email thread. I have just sent a response through email, and will go ahead and close this Community thread now. I’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!