Have you removed the exhaust fan altogether?

Those of you with external fans, have you removed the internal fan altogether?

As far as I can see mine is still impeding the airflow and I still have to clean it. I removed it completely today, but was wondering if anyone else has done this and/or if anyone thinks there are any consequences?

I just unscrewed it and removed the cable connector. It can be put back in again if I need to.

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Yes, and also cut out the grate.

I have a Pro, it is a lot more difficult to remove and even harder to replace the fan. Do not recommend unless you are out of warranty, and you also need to be aware GF can deny repairs on modified machines.


You are right there, took me about 2 minutes to do the first 3 screws then 30 minutes to do the last one!! It must be impossible in the Pro. I do not see a warranty issue here since it can be screwed back in again.

I’ve already removed the grate, I wonder if taking out the fan makes the grate less of an issue?

I have a Pro and removed it as well as the grate as @eflyguy mentioned.

I will say however if you have a pro, and want to do this, I would by the cheapest replacement fan in this size or 3d print s duct if you can. I bought one on amazon for $6 and cut everything out of it.

If you remove and leave the fan off, it will allow alot of the air to bypass the finned cooler and it won’t perform well.

Having the duct maintains the air flow and performance of the cooler.

I also ran 6" hose from the glowforge through the fan and to the outlet. The improvement in air flow and static pressure in the forge is crazy.


i have a pro. I did it in stages. First I cut out the grate. Then I added an external fan, Then removed the internal fan and “flossed” the cooling fins (they were very crusty) while I was in there. No fan = So much quieter and goodly smoke removal.


(a) with the pro cooling fins, yeah I would be much more worried about removing the fan.

and (b)

How the hell do you keep the inside of your machine looking so clean???

I too would like to know how this machine is kept so clean.

@sqw @pauline.lally; the image may be a bit misleading. These photos were taken immediately after tearing all this out, cutting, cleaning, reinstalling.

This is before doing anything.