Have you tried to buy or sell a GlowForge?

I just bought a Basic from a VERY good friend and GlowForge WILL NOT switch it to my name.

Is that all the information they gave you? They change ownership for people all the time unless the machine shows up as stolen in their files.


You can ask your VERY good friend that you bought from for their login credentials. Signing in as the original owner would then be an option. You can then add yourself as a user.


This may be obvious, but your friend needs to initiate the transfer. If they won’t transfer it, he/she should ask why.


We conversed with GlowForge, thru several emails, this was the last. They would give me no details, just said “No”.

I guess they forgot I sold over 22 GlowForges for them in the last 4-1/2 years. It is not stolen, there is nothing questionable about it’s history, I’ll leave it at that.

GlowForge is doing something unethical, like I said, watch Rich Rebuild’s trials and tribulations on YouTube with Tesla. Right To Repair will bite Apple, Tesla and GlowForge eventually.

Very odd.

Actually pretty common it the world right now. Not right, but common.

Under control, but GlowForge has made me disappointed in them.

Glowforge makes mistakes like any other business operating with humans. If someone inadvertently logged this Glowforge as stolen, you can get the issue resolved working directly with Glowforge. The normal steps to take when buying a used Glowforge are detailed in the support pages and begin with the owner allowing the buyer access by adding them as a user. Then Glowforge support is asked to remove the original owner and make the added user (the buyer) the new owner.


"We’re unable to complete this change at this time, and can not discuss the specifics of another Glowforge customer account. I would suggest that you contact the seller to settle the best way for you not to move forward with the purchase at this time. "

Again, it is NOT stolen. GlowForge is just being a pita.

Although you’re disappointed and annoyed, the resolution seems pretty straightforward to me…have your friend help you out by contacting Glowforge on your behalf.


We have done that, this goes beyond the normal… HELLO GLOWFORGE, ARE YOU LISTENING??

They don’t monitor the forum.,

…it’ll get back to them. :slight_smile:

No. It won’t. The only way they’ll know about this is for you to tell them.

I understand that you’re saying the that machine hasn’t been stolen, but I don’t think this is unreasonable at all. GF can’t know that something isn’t stolen. I’m kind of confused about what’s going on (there seems to be a lot of missing info), but I can’t help, so it doesn’t matter. Hope you get it resolved…


You kinda answered your own question here. No GF won’t change ownership for you as the buyer. Only your friend the seller can ask them to do that.

If you’re trying to tell us that your friend has already emailed them and received unsatisfactory replies why aren’t you posting that instead of this message that is to you?


That has nothing to do with that Glowforge. For all they know the Glowforge you purchased might have been stolen from him. If on the other hand, he rebuilt the Glowforge from a machine that was stolen it might very well show up as stolen on their end. Glowforges are like Automobiles, you can’t license them without agreed provenance.
I bought a boat from a person who bought it from a sheriff (as personal property) and I was never able to register it as I was blocked from ever contacting that previous owner.

The difference is that the Glowforge is a doorstop unless it is registered.


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