Having a ball!


Been playing with F360 Slicer finally and it’s amazing!

Nothing crazy get getting to kno my way around. I did have a strange scaling issue. In F360 I set my material size to 10.5 x 19. Opened the file in Inkscape, size was fine, deleted the border and saved as an Inkscape svg. When I loaded it into the GF it was a little to big. I went back to Inkscape and re saved it as a regular svg and it loaded correctly.
Has anybody else had scaling issues with Inkscape?


Have seen several mentions of issues, something about what the DPI is set at I believe.


So strange that DPI would effect vector graphics. @staff is there a preferred import DPI for vectors?


I’ve been preaching this.

Could be a glitch but make sure that you have the latest version. They fixed a lot in it.


I bet I don’t, I’ll update and see.


The problem is that all these applications have an option buried somewhere to not output the actual size in real world units. This is what you want if you’re making a web site and need the graphics to scale with the page. But you have to find that and turn it off when you’re making stuff for CNC, or the machine legitimately doesn’t know how big it should be.


As jbv said there have been posts recommending you save in plain svg and not Inkscape svg. I’ve mainly been saving as Inkscape svg and haven’t run into the issue yet.


@caribis2 I have had good luck with saving files in Inkscape with settings at 96 DPI and plain SVG, your milage may vary.


Now that could turn into an amazing candy truffle server. Nice.


I’ve run into a few programs that don’t have an option and just always output in pixel dimensions. Some of the online box generators, for example.

The big one for me though is Affinity Designer. I’ve not found a way to make it export an SVG with real dimensions. So I either export PDF or if it’s just a job intended for Glowforge I use a 20”x12” artboard and set it to 96dpi.

When I’ve wanted to make SVGs for distribution or other people I manually edit the SVG file to add the height/width attributes.


I had Inkscape unilaterally rescale a design I made yesterday. I was using the version I downloaded yesterday. Ran the same design through Illustrator and it was fine.

I know it was a DPI/PPI issue, but couldn’t find a way to fix it- no where to specify the dpi of either the incoming or outgoing image, or even to specify what it thought it was.

It’s kind of a major issue if you need precision.