Having issues engraving on Shiny Stainless Steel

Having some issues with engraving on the following item. I am using cermark spray to first coat the material however perhaps my settings are wrong or i am unable to simply mark the metal because it is coated. Any help would be awsome. Here is the material i am trying to mark: Amazon.com: MicLee Heart Shape Photo Locket Pendant Necklace Stainless Steel Chain 19.7 Inch for Women: Jewelry

I’m going to move this over to Beyond the Manual so the community can offer suggestions, since it’s not something Support can help with. :slight_smile:

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If you do a quick search here you will find lots of talk about using cermark.
Here is one example:

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I’ve not used Cermark, but have used LaserBond 100, which is pretty much the same idea. There are many posts about it also, and you might be able to make some headway there, aso.

I definitely think the finish is part of your problem. None of the things I’ve ever marked with cermark have been THAT glossy (and I’m not sure, but would suspect there’s some kind of coating over it, which could render the cermark impotent…

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