Having trouble rendering/uploading BEFORE hitting print on simple file

I whipped up this Archimedean Spiral but when uploading (three times so far) it gives me the whoops error message. I resaved the file to a tiny one (so i could resize in the UI) even on the last attempt but still not working. Any ideas why? Here is the file

archemedeal spiral

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Did you log out and back in? Are you logged in on multiple devices? Have you had it open and running for a long time (days)? Powered the GF down & back up?

All of those have caused me issues before.

I’ll be glad to check it if no one beats me to it…currently orbiting.

I will try all of those. I just logged in, did one print and then designed the next print (15 min) then tried to print it.

I relogged and it worked seamlessly, hahahahaha


Yes, if I start my GF after the computer has been hibernating for the night I need to log out and back on. Otherwise will get the error.

Always a good practice to log off and back on. Just take 30 seconds or less.


Thanks for remarking on that – we’ll check it out. And I’m glad it worked when you re-logged in!

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